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It is only with friends that you show your sense of humor and express your feelings. Such individuals find solace in their own company and will not feel comfortable with strangers. They are often perceived as arrogant , which is something completely untrue! They will not easily commit to a relationship and need time to know you well before they open up. They are not very easy going and bubbly; they will get to know you first and understand you and your traits well before they commit to a relationship or friendship.

They will also value financial security a lot, which means they will prefer their partner to be someone who belongs to the same strata of their society as them. Capricorn Rising individuals tend to bond well with Cancerians and Librans as they have the capability to show their emotions. They also make gentle and caring mates who can balance your personality well. An ideal partner will be childlike, being able to bring some fun in the otherwise serious life of a Capricorn Rising.

They are highly reliable and faithful individuals who know how to maintain a relationship well. They are like the coconut: hard from outside but extremely sensitive and soft from the inside. In fact, you might be surprised to see their real, inner side when you discover their true inner personality. They are very straightforward and cannot tolerate dishonesty and injustice of any kind.

They will not take a moment to rethink their decision to snap all ties with someone who is not worth their trust and friendship. They are extremely dedicated to their family and loved ones and will place a lot of values on their families and traditions.

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The security of their family and loved ones is their prime concern. They constantly worry about their future and what lies in store for them and their loved ones. It is against their principles to cheat and tolerate deceit and betrayal of any sort. Capricorn Rising individuals, in fact, do not like to be in the company of people who do not trust them. They will not easily express their inner thoughts and emotions freely, particularly to people they have known for a relatively short time.

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When it comes to their personality, a Capricorn Rising individual boasts the same level of maturity as an adult right from a very early age. This is to say, they will not exhibit childlike behaviors and will uphold what is right and just irrespective of their age! They are extremely loyal and warm: much warmer than they initially appear. They must try to not isolate themselves and place a wall all around themselves. It is fun to make friends with everyone and express your feelings and emotions freely, at least, once in a while. You follow strict laws and will like others to follow them as well without exceptions.

You work extremely hard with a strong focus on your goals which allows you to reap the benefits of your hard work later. You tend to be a highly sensitive person who is concerned about how others around you regard your beliefs.

Lagna And Ascendant: Significance and Origin in Vedic Astrology

Capricorn Rising signs also have the capability to guide others well. They tend to lead groups when given the responsibility to chase goals. They will adhere to rules and not break them, making them strict disciplinarians. They are also blessed with the capability to make quick decisions. They are very dedicated, confident, and sincere in their approach to everything. They are often very image conscious and want to appear successful. Your ruling planet Saturn might make you sadistic at times.

In fact, these individuals face a lot of troubles in their lives but with their zeal and approach are bound to overcome them all and succeed. Capricorn Rising signs are highly responsible and can be trusted to get things done. Once they take a project up, they will not stop until it is completed in the desired manner. They are very organized and patient individuals.

Capricorn Ascendant • The Astro Codex

Capricorn Rising signs are always busy with themselves, planning and working towards achieving their goals and objectives. They are very competitive and make talented scientists, for, discipline is key to unravel scientific mysteries. They are often pioneers of advanced and breakthrough technologies.

For you, strength means being able to achieve your targets.

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Your main goal is to explore all aspects of reality and that too, in your own way. Such individuals are often sober and simple in their appearance and conduct. They have nice eyebrows and a lean physique. They are medium tall and have dark colored eyes. Capricorn Rising signs are known for their bright and uplifting smile.

Although, this happens very rarely. Rush into the pool with his head — this is not about her. She is always rational and calculating towards men. At the same time does not seek to marry by calculation. But, nevertheless, for it the social status of the elect is still important.

Ascendant in Capricorn, a woman shows that we have an ambitious, ambitious and cautious nature. Of course, she can be gentle and courteous if she truly falls in love. But, for this to happen, it is necessary for her to carefully think and decide everything.

Capricorn Ascendant Astrology - Love, Relationships, Career, Marriage Prediction

In a whirlpool with a head such a person will not rush, because there is more cynicism in it than romanticism. Men also treat her with suspicion, because her excessive foresight keeps them at a distance. A woman with an ascendant in Capricorn, even in relationships, is looking for benefits and realizes that a serious relationship is much better than an easy flirtation. A reliable and sensible woman, striving for stability. If a successful and respectable partner appears on the horizon, she will certainly seclude herself to powder the spout.

The opposite sex likes her impeccable manners, culture of conduct and mind. Serious and noble lady who does not build illusions, but gets from life what she wants. Saturn, your ruler, is also known as Father Time, teaching valuable lessons through patience, commitment and endurance.

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Hardship and frustration teach you to refine your ambitions whilst developing long-term staying power. Limits, laws and structures must be recognized and obeyed. There is a need to make something of yourself; and this will become a key driving force. Submitting to the need for order, structure and discipline will lead to long term satisfaction and contentment. Sometimes the inner expectation that life must be hard for you makes things far more difficult than need be.

You meet what you expect in the world, and with Capricorn rising you may secretly expect hardship and limitation to greet you at every turn. These beliefs can lead to difficulty in realising your goals. The belief that life must be hard for you often sets things up so that they are! Learning to appreciate your need for hard work and discipline, without seeing yourself as somehow under the thumb of Cruel Fate, helps.

Also putting your ambitions into perspective is a good move.

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  7. There is more to life than hard work and discipline. The potential to enjoy the physical things of life is also strong. You need to let yourself enjoy the journey, and your potential for sensual pleasure. This of course is much more easily achieved, once the crippling limitations of guilt and self-repression are removed. This Ascendant also brings great responsiveness to the needs and feelings of those you hold close. You will work hard for the people you care about.

    Publicly, you may come across as reserved. Always aware of status and protocol, you will avoid doing anything that might adversely affect your reputation. You will be aware of decorum and following appropriate social codes, but behind closed doors, another story can emerge.

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    This sign is also associated with the festival of Saturnalia, in honour of Earthly Pleasures and Delights. With Capricorn rising you will find a sense of purpose and inner balance comes through pursuing your ambitions whilst giving plenty of time for recreation. By developing your sensual and practical sides you will find satisfaction, whilst reminding yourself that you are far more capable than you let yourself believe. You are a work in progress and are highly likely to succeed.